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Make a Splash, Every Day! The Waterpark is Now Open Daily for Summer! Check out Today’s Hours for More.

Arcade & VR

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Challenge your friends to a high-stakes air hockey match, test your skills at the claw machine, or beat the high score on timeless classics. The Funplex is always adding to the arcade floor with the latest game technology, the most popular in the industry. Make The Funplex arcade your year-round destination, where each visit promises a fresh and exhilarating experience!

Classic Arcade Games

Embark on a nostalgic adventure at our facility, featuring iconic titles like Pac-Man for maze-chomping fun, Skee Ball for friendly competition, and classic pinball machines with flashing lights and lively bells. From strategic maneuvers to precision throws and unpredictable thrills, our curated collection promises a nostalgic and memorable experience for all arcade enthusiasts.

Prize & Redemption Games

When walking through the arcade you will be immersed in a crane tunnel, all your favorite prizes waiting to be won at the claw games! Race your friends at one of the many racing games or collect card sets in the pusher games to win even bigger bonus prizes at the prize counter.

VR Games

Choose a Virtual Reality game, put on your headset, and experience a new world while competing against your friends. Try Storm, a multiplayer game with hand gesture technology and competitive gameplay.

Ticket Redemption Counter

Load up a Fun Card and Play to Win!

Once you’ve had a blast playing all the games in the arcade, it’s time to cash in those hard-earned points for awesome prizes! Redeem today for classic toys like slime or army men, or save up your points throughout the season to snag rotating grand prizes carefully curated by our redemption specialists. It’s the perfect way to turn your gaming skills into fantastic rewards!

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