All Work and No Play…Where’s The Fun in That?!

Looking for an unforgettable work retreat or corporate event that blends bonding and excitement? Our venue has everything you need to inject some "fun" into your function. With a private-VIP bowling suite, an exclusive meeting space, and team-building activities, you'll have a seamless event. We also provide the latest A/V equipment and on-site catering options to ensure your event runs smoothly.

After the business portion of your meeting, get ready for the real fun to begin! We offer a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities, including hundreds of arcade games, go-karts, rides, and virtual reality experiences. Test your skills on our challenging go-kart track, compete with colleagues on the laser tag course, or battle zombies together on the XD Dark Ride. And that's just a taste of what's available indoors! Our outdoor park is packed with classic Boardwalk rides that are sure to please everyone.

Take a look at our corporate event and meeting packages below and reach out to us at 856-273-9061 for pricing. We're also happy to accommodate custom requests. At The Funplex, we're committed to providing your business with an unforgettable corporate event that combines team-building and fun.

The Funplex, Where Companies Meet, Eat and Compete!